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Welcome To Tusci Foundation

We Tucsi Foundation (India) Means The Uncommon Stories Of India And We Officials Is Working On Uncommon Story From The Last Few Years And Especially Working On The Things Which Actually A Uncommon Person Is Facing Every Single Second In Our Country Like Unemployment Issues, Education Problem, Environment, Medical Facility etc. & etc. As We Are Talking Always From The Last Few Years That We Are The Part Of Now Digital Country; 21st Century But The Reality Behind The Story Which Is Something Else And That We All Know And i.e Still 65% To 70 % Of Our Society Is Under Below Poverty Line. They Don’t Even Have The Proper Documentation Like Pan card Hospital’s, School’s, Internet’s Facilities, Road Facilities, Electricity And Rest Of The So Many Things Which A Uncommon Person Is Still Facing In Backward Areas Of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttrarakhand, etc

So As A Corporate Organization, We Are Invited Officially To All Those People Who Want To Work For The Upliftment Of Our Society & Want To Be The Part Of This Change, And Want To Be The Part Of This Revolutionary Part For The Betterment Of Our Nation.


Tucsi Foundation Start Their Work With Small organizations In The Year 2012 .Now Tucsi Foundationis world wide organizations.

Our Mission

Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!

Charity For Food

Its A Right To Have A Three Times Meal Every Single Person Of Our Nation.So If We Have Extra Than Let's Share With Others

Charity For Cloth

Lets Make The Wall Of Kindness At Every Signal.So We Can Share Our Old One With The Needy One.

Charity For Education

Every Child Has Right To Get The Best Education So That Our Nation Would Be Strong.Padhega Bharat Tabhi Badhega Bharat.Our Childrens Are Not Robots And They Cant Learn How To Write Alphabet "A" Through Technologies

Charity For Health

We Are Well Aware About Covid-19.The Best Solution To Make Our Nation Healthy Is To "GREEN INDIA BREATHE INDIA".Let's Fight WiTH OMICRON.

Charity For Shelter

Lets Take The Pledge To Make Our Country Homeless Free.Join The Uncommon Stories Of India Community.

Charity For Clean Water

Lets Take The Pledge "Don't Waste Water "Join The Community.

Latest Services

Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!


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E-Grievance Service

"I Am The Uncommon Story Of India"Launched E-Grievance And It is a platform which will


Fundraising For Nobel Causes

1.Sponsor The Child Education

We Are Raising Funds For The Education Of Our Childrens U


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Our Projects

Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!

Live Discussion

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Pehchaan:Let's Transform The Future

Pehchaan:Let's Transform The Future Is A Online Platform For All T


Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!


Ashwani kumar sharma



- Student

Harish Kumar K

- President

The Tucsi Foundation Proud to Say, After Providing The Best Non-Profit Support.

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Our Testimonials

Your Attention Is Changed The Part Of World.Give a helping hand to those who need it!

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Advocate Sarkar

Being A Lawyer, I Always Define The Rules Of Follow The Path.
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Shubham Soodan

"My Life Is In Air And I Open My Wings Just To Feel The Deepth Of The Air"
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Justin Cole

Life Is Unpredictable.Let's Fill It Wth Joy In Every Motion
We are Charity/ Non-profit/ Fundraising/ NGO organizations.Help a child Without Family.

Join With Us, Your Attention is changed the part of world.

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